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                Current Location:HomePage> Contact Us

                Xiamen Hengkun New Material Technology Co., Ltd.


                Other subsidiaries

                Shenzhen Xinhengkun Technology Co., Ltd.

                • Add: 3F, Building 3, No.3, Baolonger Road, Baolong, Longgang District, Shenzhen, China
                • TEL: 0755-89388511

                Suzhou Hengkun Precision Electronic Co., Ltd.

                • Add: 2F, 7th Building, No. 198, Xiangyang Road, Suzhou, China
                • TEL: 0512-68059578

                Xiamen Giineil Electron-tech Co.,Ltd

                • Add:Room 414,ChuangYe Building, ChuangYe Park, Xiamen Torch Hi-tech Industrial Development Zone,XIAMEN, CHINA
                • TEL: 0592-5922629

                Chukun (Shanghai) New Material Technology Co. Ltd.

                • Add:Room 2-B15, 2F, Building 2, No. 115, Futexiyi Road, Shanghai, China

                Company Honor

                •  2015年创新型企业小心牌匾

                  2015 Innovation-based Enterprise

                •   诚信示范】企业

                  Integrity Demonstration Enterprise

                • 高新◤技术企业

                  High-tech Enterprise

                • 科技→小巨人企业

                  Science and Technology Little Giant

                •  ISO9001


                •  ISO14001


                • 两化融合◥体系证书 20171201

                  Integration of Informatization and Industrialization Management System Certificate